Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday April 20th

Hello all long time no post just wanted to update everybody.  I dropped all the way down to 229lbs but the cheesesteak i had this weekend coupled with the alfredo last night left me at 234 today.  I did jog this morning so i feel kinda good about that but i need to lose weight faster.  i need to figure this out.  On a side note i will be meeting my Mistress tonight and i'm very overly excited about that.  between each visit it always feels like an eternity.  I can't wait to see her.  She has some new panties for me to wear I'm looking forward to.  Tonight can't come soon enough.  I will be updating this much more often from here on out.  I never kept a blog i guess i'm just kind of getting used to it.  okay everyone i will touch base with you tomorrow and tell you how my amazing time with my Mistress went. 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursday April 14th

Hello Everyone.  I started writing this post last night but fell asleep before i posted it.  The weight loss is going good i'm all the way down to 230 now.  Today i have plans to go eat sushi and i already woke up and did a half hour of yoga.  I feel all stretched out now.  Saw my Mistress on tuesday and once again it was an absolute blast and i couldn't have asked for a better time.  Mistress waxed around the private area and it was quite painful, but i rather enjoyed it.  I can't wait to see her again we haven't set a date yet but i'm sure we will.  I love looking outside seeing a nice sunny day.  It makes this sissy very very happy to see that.  Hopefully this upcoming week i'll break the 230 barrier i'll keep everyone posted.  Enjoy the beautiful weather everybody. 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

thursday April 7th

It's been over a week since i've updated this blog.  Mistress pointed it out to me yesterday and it got me in a little bit of trouble.  i'm down to 231 as of this morning on the scale, and hopefully with nice weather coming i can go a little more hardcore with my cardio.  I saw Mistress on sunday night into monday and it was again some of the most fun i've ever had.  we don't have too many outfits that fit me yet but if i lose weight and we can start purchasing outfits.  Mistress ordered me a but plug i've had it in for almost 16 hours now.  It's the first one i've ever had and it feeels amazing.  Every time i sit down, every time i move it reminds me of what i truly am.  I am Mistress Karen's sissy sl**.   I am going to try to update this more on an everday basis from here on out.  tonight i am going to do some form of cardio after class and i'm going to start eating even healthier.  i can't wait to see my Mistress again.

Monday, March 28, 2011

New week

Jumped on the scale this morning weighed in at 233lbs.  Not much loss so i need to try even harder from here on out.  I already did a nice bike ride for today and all that did was show me how out of shape i really am.  i've been done my ride for like a half hour and my throat still hurts and maybe it's possible cause it was kind of cold but i think it's more then likely cause i'm out of shape.  my ultimate goal is to be around a skinny 160 for Mistress and be able to wear any kind of outfit she picks out for me.  got a long way to go but if i just start eating right, meaning better then i did this weekend i should be okay.  summer is a great time to lose a ton of weight.  swimming in the pool taking runs in 90 degree heat should lose a lot of weight.  as long as i eat right i can do it.  My ultimate goal is to be a dallas cowboys cheerleader for halloween.  i'm a philadelphia eagles fan but their cheerleading uniforms are out of this world.  well i lost a pound thus far and hopefully a lot more pounds this week.  Can't wait to see my Mistress in a week.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sissy's weekend

I overall had a pretty good weekend.  Missed working out on friday but was able to get a nice jog in on saturday and sunday.  Didn't eat as good as i should have on friday and saturday.  Friday i didn't eat too much at all throughout the day then i went to red robin for dinner and had a chicken sandwhich with onion rings which i guess is technically better then a burger but not all that much.  My cousin had me over friday night also to celebrate selling his house and the two of us managed to turn the movies Eutotrip and My Blue Heaven into drinking games.  Ten plus beers later i was quite drunk and i probably put on more calories then i should have packed on.  Saturday i went out to lunch with my dad and had a turkey club sandwhich but didn't eat any of the french fries, and for dinner my girlfriend and i ate meat loaf at her house then she got the urge to go to friendlys where i had ice cream and some triple appetizer thing.  Didn't eat nearly as much today.  had a donut for breakfast and for lunch has a grilled chicken sandwhich at the golf course.  managed to jog this morning and get 4 hours of golfing in, so i got plenty of activity in today. Will be stepping on the scale tomorrow to see what i weigh and hopefully it's good news.  Sissy can not wait until it's nice out so she can start swimming laps in her pool and she is planning to get a girly workout video to workout to.  She is thinking either the thirty day shred with jillian michaels which is a very challenging workout and in my opinion it's not a very girly workout.  Or there is the kim kardashian workout video which is the girliest workout in the world.  not sure which one if anybody else knows others please let me know.  going to jog tomorrow and add jumping rope to my morning routine.  can't wait to be super skinny for my Mistress and also can't wait to see her again.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Missed working out today but a good day overall!!!

Today i woke up early and because of school work i was not able to get any workout in.  Still weighing in at 234lbs and hoping to maybe get some tennis in this weekend or some quality cardio activity.  Golfing on sunday and yes it's healthy to be outdoors but it won't help me too much in the weight loss department.  As far as food today i ate no breakfast and then went to applebees for their salad and soup lunch special.  got two bowls of french onion soup and a caesar salad along with a two breadsticks.  had two cups of coffee today and a hot dog for dinner, which i was impressed i was actually able to eat only a hot dog.  This evening my brother asked me to watch his daughter which all that entailed was going over there and reading my book.  she was asleep when i got there but him and his wife had to go somewhere for a couple of hours.  Talked to Mistress Karen via text for a little bit before class and was very happy to talk to her.  We didn't talk about anything linked to sissy life we really just kind of had a nice conversation about books.  It is really a lot of fun talking to her and i love being able to share my opinions with her, especially about books.  Anybody out there who doesn't read I suggest giving it a shot.  i'm a huge movie fan but there has never been a movie i watched where the book wasn't a good deal better.  I'm a geek for harry potter and i love the movies but if you haven't read the books you are totally missing out.  I'm rambling a little bit but i am a tiny upset i didn't get a workout in for my Mistress but i will make up for it tomorrow.  I can't wait to see her again.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Weight Loss for Mistress Karen

I want to lose weight for Mistress Karen so sissy is doing this blog to keep on top of her weight loss.  As of today sissy is weighing a lean 234lbs.  Yeah lean lol.  I woke up this morning at 8am and got to jogging.  Got a good forty minute jog in over at the park near my house.  Not being in shape had to stop a couple of times and take a little rest but i managed to get though it.  Came home had a bowl of Special K vanilla almond which is delicious and for lunch about to go make a tuna sandwhich on rye with a glass of ice water and don't have much to eat for dinner so will have to find something healthy  Tomorrow sissy plans on doing a yoga video and getting her flexibility on.  Hopefully the weight comes off fast and this works out great.